pic update from the UK

Here are a few pics so far! We're having a blessed time. Micah is doing great (with a few tantrums here & there...but who can blame him!) We are meeting lot's of people...most are very friendly...some, not so much (not everyone is a fan of the US).

The CALL!!! Last night on Millennium Bridge!
Primrose Hill

Look! It's Superman!
We've made some wonderful connections with Ethiopia people! One of the ladies in this pic is engaged to the owner of an Ethiopian restaurant in Atlanta...can't wait to connect with him!!

Church was very international -- we felt right at home!!

Micah 'praising Jesus' as the praise band preped for morning service!

Splash pad...London-style! A great way to connect with local moms!!

A little late...but showing our World Cup-love just the same!

St Paul's Cathedral (where Princess Diana & Charles were married)

Entering London City


Jennifer and Michael said...

so excited for you and vince about the call!!! i think it is so cool that you got the call while overseas serving! love the pics!!!

Jamie said...

Can't wait to hear more!

Cameron and Megan said...

Whoa! The "call"!?!?!?! Can't wait to hear the story!

the Steiger's said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time:)

Greg and Laura said...

I was thinking of you all last night and wondering if you would get "the call"! Can't wait to hear more!!!

Alison said...

Oh, I am so excited about "the call"!!! WOW!! How amazing...can't wait to hear all the details!! Congratulations!!

Jamie Jo said...

THE CALL!?!??!?! We need details! Don't just show us a picture of the call...give us details about this little one we have been praying for!!!

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