a day of touring

Wednesday was our touring day of London. We visited St Paul's, London Bridge and Churchill's War Room. All were very fascinating and full of history!! Micah did great!! We were out from 8am til 8pm. Thurs & Fri we will "walk" again, and then return home on Sat.

Here's the bridge where we rec'd the call about our referral!! Will share more about that next week. We are very excited!!
London Bridge

London Tower - where many were martyred for their faith!

River cruise on the Thames!
Thank you for your continued prayers!! We are all tired...the next two days will be long, but we're up for it!! Grace!!


Jamie Jo said...

You're killing me! I don't even want to see another picture of something cool in London until I hear about your referral! :)

Carolyn said...

Referral?!?!?!!? That's awesome! I can't wait to hear more!

KC Armstrong said...

Is that Micah's "I'm trying to be deep in prayer - why are we taking another picture" look?

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