AWAA Branson Fellowship Group

Mommies from AWAA Ethiopia program (L to R):
Kim Gillman (dd Jenna), Kari Gibson, & Kelly Blackwell.
Randy, behind Kari, is an Ethiopia program pioneer (literally) and already has three beautiful children from ET.

How many YG-ers does it take?? :)
Kelly & Kari feeding precious Gabby Braner. Gabby and her mom, Jamie Jo, are featured on the AWAA blog with the Rwanda program.

It's always an encouragement to emerge from YG-cyber land & just 'do life together' the ol' fashioned way!! Sadly, our fellowship group won't officially meet again until the fall. Our wonderful hosts, Jamie Jo & Andy Braner, are headed to Colorado for the summer -- Kanakuk Colorado Camp. But, oh, by the end of the summer do I anticipate joy & excitement as we reunite!!!

(Although, girls, I DO expect to unofficially see you all this summer!!)

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Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

Looks like sooo much fun! I am glad you have friends nearby in our great YG!!

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