A smolder wick He did not put out...

OK -- great news!
Our friends, Missy & Brad, who are also adopting concurrently (but several steps ahead of us) read our previous post and immediately sent me an email. It appears they've decided NOT to update their home study until after they complete their first adoption because they'll have to update with a new 'addition' anyway. Duh- makes sense! Our China coordinator with AWAA didn't seem to be in a hurry for us to update at our 12-month expiration, so maybe our social worker didn't realize we don't need to update our HS since we switched our I-171H to Ethiopia. (ok- how many times can I use 'update' in one paragraph???) All that said, I'm going to CONFIRM with AWAA that we can hold off on our China paperwork. Oh, please....

CONGRATS to the Coen's & Harbaugh's -- both families had successful court dates last Friday & will be traveling to ET in the next couple of weeks to meet (hug, squeeze, kiss, love) & bring home their newest family members. Yeah! You can check out their blogs & meet their children (lower right).


Jill Coen said...

Thanks Alisa!

I hope you can wait to update (that rhymed ;)!

Anonymous said...

ok...your dream was hilarious!!!!!! i've told it several times today - LOL!!!!! i even posted on YG about it :-)

mrbjbb said...

Glad we could help!!

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