I am so feeling this picture right now!
We received a packet in the mail yesterday to update our China home study...might I add, the very same home study we updated 1/08 for our Ethiopia adoption.
It never ends -- the packet included forms for health exams, financial info, and on and on... We JUST did all this in January. I'm praying we can just submit copies from our January paper-chase for our update.


The Gillman Family said...


UHHHGGG! We will be praying with you that you can use the same medicals, etc. Lord, Let this be easy!


kristin said...

oh no! That sucks! I am so sorry you have to do all this! AGAIN.

I know you will handle it with a smile!

Greg & Laura said...

Great picture - pretty much sums it up! Surely they'll let you use your documents from January - we'll pray for this.

Jen said...

Ugh! I feel all the paper chase anxiety flooding back just reading your post! I am so sorry you have to go through this AGAIN! Hang in there!!

I ask God for blessings over your paperwork and special favor!

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