Ahhh...Name Dilemma

Shortly after we began our process to adopt from Ethiopia, the Lord placed a name for a boy on my heart. At that point we were not sure if we'd received a referral for a boy or a girl, but I shared the name with Vince anyway. Vince really liked the name, but some time later he discovered the 'long version' of this name, and decided that he would prefer to use the longer version of the name instead (that is, if we received a referral for a boy).

So, when we received our referral this week for our precious boy, we began to talk more about this name. Sorry...we do not feel comfortable sharing this name on our blog until we pass court. The more we actually said the name, the more we realized that it is a name that would be 'hard to spell and easy to forget'...NOT our intention! :)

So, at last, here we are full-circle -- returning to the original name I began to ponder many months ago...well, at least, I think??? :)


E said...

Congratulations! Such a precious and exciting time...so happy for you guys. We didn't share our first son's name until Christmas (he was due in February). We put it on frames & gave it as stocking stuffers to our families. (Some people were really ticked that we didn't share the name sooner LOL).

Anyway, congratulations again!


Jamie said...

It is a big decision. Josh and I have had a name picked out for a while, we are finally telling people, I actually wanted to wait until referral, but we didn't. I am sure your son will have the perfect name for him.

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