Feeling Calm

11:30am on Monday....no call yet.

For all you stalkers, I'll keep posting updates, even if there is no news --- it's so much fun/consolation to know you're all out there cheering for us!!! We love you all dearly!!!

Although Vince & I are very excited/anxious about Baby Martin, we are also very peaceful (I'm even teary-eyed as I type this, because God is just so good)!!

BTW, the term "Baby Martin" isn't much fun....any other suggestions or nicknames??? :)


Renee' said...

I was just thinking this morning that as I get closer and closer to knowing my children, I wish I had something to call them! My good friend calls our older daughter "angel baby" and I am still working on something to call the baby. I do feel like it is time to make it much more personal.

Kiki:) said...

Ohhhhhh we are not feeling calm:)) lol
Its not right that WE are waiting for the phone to ring letting us know YOUR phone just rang with miracle news!!! Of course, we are praying for a peaceful, happy heart today!!
WE are ready to CHEER!!
love you lots,

Jamie said...

HMMM. Suggestions, Sweet pea, darlin' pie, angel face, honey bunches, nub-nub? Okay, maybe those are too cheesy. What about real names? Do you have those picked out yet?

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