No news (but thanks for peeking)...
although, I have developed what might be termed as a 'twitch' -- let me explain:
I have started randomly & spontaneously waving my arms around, as if cheering at a football game. I do not seem to produce any noise with this condition, just a flailing for the arms for about 3 seconds.

Guess I will call it anxietus happimus, or how about thewaitiskillingme syndrome.

Boy, am I weird, or what!!!!


B and B said...

Ha, that's funny! I'm having one of those kind of days. I hope you do that tonight at least once so I can see it.

Kiki:) said...

Haaaa ha!! I can just picture you flailing around today:))) I know you are cradling your phone right now...do you have the camera turned on to capture the big moment??
We love you & PRAYING!!

Jamie said...

Anything to help the wait go by faster. You aren't weird at all.

The Gillman Family said...

Very funny post - I can't even imagine. I would like to call you but afraid I might send you into overdrive!! :)

Tomorrow might be the day! We hope so!!!!!!!!! Praying on the other side of 65!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Just labor pains!!! I am praying for you!!!

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