No news on Friday (obviously) -- now we're enjoying a week-end of NOT jumping every time the phone rings. But, come Monday, the insanity begins again.

What is the likely-hood of getting THE CALL Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday???
I have absolutely no idea. What seemed so certain has become, well...actually, I have no words for this part of our journey...

...resting in God's sovereignty over our child's life....


Kiki:) said...

I'm voting for MONDAY!! There are no words to describe the emotions of waiting for the CALL!! I lost my insanity every time the phone rang in a serious way:)))
Its almost OVER!!!!!!!!
Hang in there
love ya lots,
ps: we can't wait to celebrate your referral!

Reno said...

You are awesome! Well, God is awesome and He has given you amazing faith. His timing is perfect...but we "can't" wait for your call!

God bless you guys,
the Renos

Kelly said...

It's coming soon girlfriend!!!

Susan said...

We are praying for Monday...just to put you out of your misery and to keep your arms from getting sore from all the flailing ! And what a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be !!

Susan and Steve

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