N E W S !!!

We are thrilled to share we received more news about our son on Friday! We were given an update on his measurements & a new photo, and, we found out we've also been assigned our court date: 2/2/2009!

It was such a blessing to receiving specific details about the finalization of our adoption! Having an actual court date has made this process 'feel' even more like reality! I'm a type-A/details personality, so I'm always in need of "the facts" (I drive my poor husband crazy).

Although our court date is 2/2/09, below describes possible scenarios:

--Roughly 30% of families do not pass court on their first issued court date.
--If a family does not pass court initially, court dates are then issued approximately 1-2 months after the original court date.
--Once your family has successfully passed court, you can expect to travel to Ethiopia roughly 2.5 to 4 weeks later.

for our son's health and a successful court appointment! Little Martin is doing well, but the quicker we get him home, the better (for many reasons).


christy said...

YEAH! We are so happy that you received some "details" right before Christmas about your little boy. What a special gift as we know how long you have been waiting for this moment. We miss you and hope you are settling into your new home and loving it. Sam and Christy Arthur

The Gillman Family said...

Hey guys!! We are so excited for you. I am extremely glad that AW decided to begin letting families know the dates of their court hearings again. We can now pray spacifically and will be doing so for your date. You both were missed at the Branson fellowship group this month but we are excited to see God moving in your lives. Merry Christmas! We're praying for baby Martin!!!

Kim and Bryan

CousinKarat said...

YaY! I have been praying that you pass court the first time, and for his health as well as that God will just whisper to his little heart that mommy and daddy are on their way! (k, now my eyes are leaking!) Yay!

Bye the way, random fact 2/2 is Groundhog's Day . . . like I said, random . . .

John and Julia Sickmeier said...

Hey, Vince and Alisa:

It's John and Julia from next door. Wanted to let you guys know that we've decided to put our house up for sale, as well. We're going to test the waters and see how the market treats things. Additionally, the lookers coming to either of our homes will increase visibility for each other. We're hoping to move farther south toward the lakes, to reduce my 35-mile commute to work.

Glad to hear you're adjusting well down in AL. We'll keep checking your blog to see how things are going with the babies! God bless and keep in touch. We're at 417-827-8456 and my (Julia) email is jb_beaujolais@yahoo.com.

Danielle said...

Hi Vince and Alisa. First, a question? Alisa, do you pronounce your name like "Alyssa" or something else? Since we may be traveling buddies, I simply need to know :) Also, I finally have your blog link on MY blog so I can do a better job keeping up :) Wasn't it so great getting news about court? I'm thrilled and I agree with you--that it made it even more real. To pass court on the first time...oh! How I pray!
Merry Christmas!

Love, Danielle

Julie said...

Hey Alisa,
It is so great to hear from you!! Wish you still lived here so our boys could grow up together!! I am so excited for you both! I will put your blog on mine so I can keep up with your progress!

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