YES...I am a slacker!!!

I confess!!!
I've been pathetic about updating our blog, especially during this season in our lives when there's been so much to talk about!! We are settled in AL and made it through Christmas. Although, for some reason it just didn't feel like Christmas! Don't get me wrong...we contemplated and celebrated Jesus...but, "something" was just missing!! Hmmmm, wonder "who" that could be??? :)

Actually, yesterday felt more like Christmas to us than the 25th (hey, no one can prove Jesus was born on the 25th anyway) -- we received pictures from the Caldwell's, who delivered Little Martin's care package for us. It was so wonderful to see him holding his stuffed lion, with our photo album/pictures lying next to him. There were also pictures of Rebecca picking him up and holding him close...my heart just melted!!!

The Caldwell's, Stager's, Burk's & Witter's are all safely home with their children (check out their blogs, they have wonderful stories). And the Tennant's, Savage's & Sparr's are spending their first night with their children in Ethiopia!

Here are some Christmas pics:

When we arrived at Vince's parents, we noticed there were 6 stockings on the mantle...but only 5 nephews/niece would be opening gifts on Christmas...hmmm, wonder who the mystery stocking could be for??? THANK YOU MiMi and PaPa!!!

Our last Christmas with just the two of us!
Our most prized gift (besides our new pictures)...a new camcorder!!!
Boy, are we cruel...hand them gifts, and then make them pose for pictures...hee hee!

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The Gillman Family said...


I am so glad you had a good Christmas and are getting settled! We got a new camcorder for Christmas as well. I can't wait to get lots of video in ET!

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