New Places

Here's Vince with our care-package for Little Martin...it's heading to Ethiopia with the Caldwell's today!!! (check-out their blog...little Caleb is a doll!!!!) We could only send a one-gallon ziplock because space is limited...it's amazing what you can cram into one!!!

Here is our new/temporary home. We'll rent for the first year so we can get familiar with the community. This house is on the outskirts of town...I'd like to eventually be closer (ahhh...city girl), but in our current location you can certainly get more house for the money.

This is our new church home, Hunter Street Baptist Church -- we already feel like family here!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Your new house looks wonderful! Hope you are doing well, we miss you!

An Orphan's Ticket Home

An Orphan's Ticket Home
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