Ugh...still no internet service...

But I still wanted to give you a quick update! We have not received any additional info regarding our son, nor have we received court or travel info...which is common. I'm sure our agency is focused on preparing the paperwork for the next families who will be receiving their referrals (hopefully before Christmas)! Our agency will also close for Christmas and New Year which will cause a few delays.

We're doing great -- getting settled in our new home & church in AL (by the way, it's almost 70 degrees today...ahhhh). I haven't started on Little Martin's room yet (still trying to clear out boxes), but I have made my list of all I need to do/get so we can start ASAP. I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed about being a first-time mommy...the baby paraphernalia is endless!!

We've also been super busy switching our home study from MO to AL...God's grace is definitely carrying me through--I am so paper work-weary!! But, God has been one step ahead of our transition, and led us to an awesome agency who is expediting our case so we can travel on time!!

Please continue to pray for Little Martin's health and paper work, and our spiritual and physical preparation!!

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