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Guess I need to clarify (because of the many private comments I've

I did not intend to sound snippie in my previous post...no one has
made me mad, or anything like that!! However, I have sensed
impatience here and there from different people, and I imagine even
more people will join them as we continue to focus on bonding with
Micah in the months to come...so, guess you could say I was just pro-
actively speaking my mind!

Isn't that the fun of blogging!!??

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Erin McCoy said...

haha, you're adorable!

Rebecca said...

It is hard - because everyone is so excited about our babies when we get home! Ultimately, you have to do what's right for your family...which you're doing!

Great parents :)

Holly said...

Blog away, Sister! :)
Get used to the disapproval thing, though. Unfortunately, people will disagree with you no matter what parenting decisions you make. Ever! But since God saw fit to make you and Vince Micah's parents, I would imagine that He's only equipping you guys for that task. Micah is so blessed!!!
Love and miss you guys!!

angie said...

Kelly and I remember out journey with Maliah and how important it was to have consistency and to show her we love her. We support you 100% and trust God has chosen the perfect parents for Micah who seek His will for his life. We love you three!

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