TUESDAY- Gotcha Day

Before we returned to the transition home to pick-up Micah and deliver donations/care packages, Robel took us to Mt. Entoto for a little more culture & history. Mt. Entoto is covered with eucalyptus trees (transplanted from Australia). Women, called 'fire-wood carriers', trek up and down the mountain with eucalyptus strapped to their back -- they sell the wood for fire word to support their families. I can't remember the elevation of the mountain, but Robel said elite runners use the mountain to train for races, by running up and down...seriously amazing! The wood carrying women also have a textile shop where they weave scarfs/wraps to subsidize their income...of course, we bought a few!!

At the top of the mountain, we toured King Menelik 2's palace/compound. (Above is the view of Addis from the palace) Ethiopians have a special affection for this king because of all the social progress he brought to the country. It is also said the king never wore shoes -- he said if his people didn't have shoes to wear, then he did not deserve to wear them either.
(Man, we could use that perspective here in the states!!)
His palace was not extravagant by any measure -- just another indication that his priority was his people, not his pleasure.

This is Duni, she is AWAA staff who facilitated our adoption for us. She is an amazing woman (wife & mommy, too). I cannot tell you what an inspiration & encouragement she has been to us during this process!! She is Ethiopian and moved to the states when she was 14 -- after working with AWAA for about a year state-side, she moved back to Ethiopia in December to over-see the transition home and court proceedings.

Saying good-bye to the nannies. Micah's nanny is holding him. Ohhh, she loves him so much and was quite grieved to watch him go. We will send her a package with another family in a couple of weeks with a photo album of Micah's transition -- she will be so proud of him!! He's been such a brave little boy!!!

Back at the guest house, our first bath -- in the kitchen sink (Whipples, I promised I cleaned it afterward!!). Boy, did we have a sleepless night ahead of us...


Kari:) said...

Love the ET updates!!! Its so special seeing Zoie's nanny..Dirset in the photo:))) They are so precious to all of us!!
Keep the pics coming!!!

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

HELLO!!!! Is Duni pregnant???!!!! Sure does look like it!! LOL you've got to let me know! :)

Kelly said...

Did you love ET or what? I know I was smitten!! Love reading your updates!!!

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