THURSDAY- visiting Micah's orphanage

On Thursday we got to visit the orphanage, Gelgela, that Micah was admitted to when he was only one-month old. Micah is from south of Addis Ababa, but this orphanage has several facilities thru out the country, so he eventually made his way to the capital.

Here we are with the founder/manager of Gelgela. She has quite a story! She began working with orphaned children several years ago, but when her husband passed away this became her life! She remembered Micah, and was a personal friend of his mother's. We were not aware of that before hand, so needless to say, it was a very emotional visit.

Even though Micah had been away from Gelgela since 10/08, all the staff remembered him & his story.

This is the nanny who cared for Micah during his brief stay at Gelgela.

That evening, we got to "welcome" the Whipple's & the Richardson's as soon as they arrived in Ethiopia -- they were united with their children the week after we left.

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Kelly said...

Hey Alisa.... you look so good in your tee :)

I loved meeting the director of the orphanage. It had to be one of my highlights. Isn't she incredible? That is so amazing that they remembered Micah considering he wasn't there for very long. Micah looks so good. His face is getting so full and he seems even more handsome than I remembered!!! Is that possible?

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