9-month check-up

On 4.6.09 Micah weighed 14 lbs, 15 oz
Today he weighed 18 lbs, 1.5 oz
(he's gained just over 3 lbs in five weeks; into the 10th percentile -- good job piggy-poo!!!)

On 4.6.09 Micah was 26 1/4 in
Today he was 27 in
(he's grown just under an inch, but he has made it into the 10th percentile -- yipee!!)

On 4.6.09 Micah's head circumference was 17 1/4 in
Today it was 17 3/4 in
(his hc is almost in the 50th percentile; good food & many new experiences = healthy, growing brain!!)

This may be too much info for the casual reader (but I know all you adoptive mommies like to compare #s) --- and, many parents wouldn't be overly excited that their child's measurements were only in the 10-50th percentile, but considering he wasn't even on the growth chart six weeks ago, we're super excited!!! Great progress!!!

Another exciting milestone...discriminate attachment has surfaced!!!
Micah has started showing a preference to be with me and/or Vince -- meaning he's reluctant to go to anyone else.

This is a very good thing!!!

This means he is beginning to recognize us as his primary care-givers (his parents)! We will continue to encourage his bonding with us by continuing to hold him close...so get ready, if he shows hesitation to be held by you, please, don't force him out of our arms! It's his way of testing his trust in us -- and we will need to continue to prove to him over, and over and over that we are worthy of his trust!!!
Yes, I realize that by allowing friends or family to hold him when he is apprehensive teaches him that person is 'safe' -- BUT, that will come later!! Right now, our main concern is reinforcing that WE are safe!!

Please, patiently remember he's only been with us 6 of the 38 weeks of his life!

..."a cord of three strands..."


Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Alisa, What a great report! He's doing soo well! Love those #'s! AND love the discriminate attachment - our Micah is also showing those signs - it just makes an adoptive mother feel so good doesn't it? Our boys are feeling safe! YEAH!

lori said...

Praise the Lord! The percentiles don't seem all that small, especially when you see how far he's come and glimpse those sweet cheeks that seem to fill out more with every cheerful picture you post! We're so excited for the three of y'all!

ps- i have to ask b/c i found myself worrying that i remembered wrong- did you mean 6 of the 38 Weeks?

Tracy said...

i love all those stats!
i know you're cherishing this sweet bonding time....it is so precious isn't it?
micah is beautiful!

Jaime said...

So great Alisa!! So it took about 6 weeks to see the attatchment more secure? OOOOHHH, that southern cookin' will beef a baby up:)

Kerry Mataya said...

So excited for you guys! Those numbers are great numbers for growth! Also, so glad he is preferring you and Vince. I bet that has to make you feel great. Kerry Mataya

Traci said...

Love this post, Alisa! Tim and I are in the midst of reading 2 books on attachment. It can be a bit overwhelming, so it's good to know we have you as a resource! :)I'm thrilled with you for the great #s and the attachment. It's just another reminder to me of God'f faithfulness. - Traci Garrison

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