update from CHINA! we're in the REVIEW ROOM!

Vince & I were both surprised to hear from our China family coordinator this week! She had been notified by the CCAA that they are in the process of reviewing our file (submitted to them 7.31.07), and they needed some additional information regarding our case. Thankfully, it was a very minor request so we were able to provide the info quickly.

(Don't get excited -- being in the Review Room means we are about half-way there...21 months down, at least 20-30 more to go)

Vince (who took the call) also had the opportunity to talk with our coordinator about our China adoption options...basically we have two, here they are:

1- remain on the healthy infant girl list (= wait another 2-3 years)
2- switch to the Waiting Child list, and pursue an infant with minor/repairable special needs (possible to complete by end of 2010)

I remember mentioning in a previous post that we were strongly considering switching to the Waiting Child list -- and, we still are. Our coordinator actually shared with Vince that many of the boys that are assigned to AWAA who are on the Waiting Child list are often passed onto other agencies because there are no families willing to adopt them...it seems families are set on healthy girls, or if they do transition to the Waiting Child list, they still request a girl...not a boy.

Of course, you know this BROKE MY HEART!!

The thought of these little boy's files being passed from agency to agency is almost more that I can stand!! I realize some of them probably have serious/chronic medical conditions which many families simply cannot manage (including us), BUT, this is not the case for all of them.

Through out this process we have discovered much about ourselves, about God, and about orphans. We have come to terms with the reality that there may never be a Mayah Martin...maybe there will, but maybe not...and we are completely at peace with this!! We may very well have a quiver full of boys instead -- I would hardly consider that a curse!

So...we will take the next few months and prayerfully wait for God to reveal our next steps. We have a minimum of six months before we can actively pursue our second adoption anyway -- so we don't feel the pressure for answers just yet. We do feel certain that if we allow our China adoption to run it's course as-is, we will pursue another adoption with Ethiopia. Either way, Ethiopia or China Waiting Child, we hope to have the ball rolling by the end of this year.


E said...

I'm stunned by the wait times for China. I pray for grace and peace for you and Vince as you make this decision. I'd love a little girl, but the world of boys is, indeed, a very magical place...and I'm so very thankful for my two boys. I also have some strong convictions about the need for solid Christian families to raise good men (seems like there just aren't enough good men in the world). Anyway, my heart breaks for the orphaned boys in China and I will pray for these children.


jamullins said...

We sure know about the China wait times. We waited several years in that program before God led us to Ethiopia. I will be praying for you as you make a decision.


Jaime said...

Alisa, praying for you as you enjoy Micah, and wait on your Chinese baby also. i know what it feels like to love my 2 boys completely...but i also know the desire to hold a daughter in your arms. Peace and wisdom to you while you wait!

Tracy said...

oh the wait for china is so very long!!! i have a friend who is expecting her sweet 6 yr. old special needs--(an issue so very easily correctable here with surgery) boy home soon.... there are so many more like him.

thank you so much for lifting up our children! such an incredible blessing to us and them! God bless your beautiful family!

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