Ethiopia needs FORMULA


We met our sweet son, Micah Yoseph, on November 25, 2008 – a 4-month old boy from southern Ethiopia. Micah appeared healthy, but was very small. His big, brown eyes and story stole our hearts immediately, and we’ve never looked back.

We are extremely grateful for the love and care that he received at America World’s Transitional Home, but their nutritional resources for him were limited. Over the next several months, as we waited for the Ethiopian courts to grant our adoption we prayed fervently for Micah’s health and strength to increase daily. While at the transition home his pattern was to gain only ounces (instead of pounds) each month. Though his situation was not as acute as many of the other baby’s, it was still very scary for us…always wondering of his little boy was absorbing at least the minimal nutrients it required until we could bring him home.

AWAA sent us an update on Micah toward the end of December – in his photo he looked so thin, and had spit-up on his shirt…both indicators that his body was not responding well to the formula. AWAA was constantly trying to acquire high-calorie, pre-digested formula for the children in their care, but it was expensive and scarce. When we traveled to Ethiopia to bring Micah home, we saw first-hand the wonderful care that he and the other children at the transition home were receiving, in spite of their limited resources. The AWAA never stop fighting for these children!

When we met Micah, it was apparent that he had continued to gain some weight and was healthy, yet he suffered with diarrhea. As soon as we returned home Ethiopia, we transitioned him to a lactose-free formula and his diarrhea cleared up within days. He also began to rapidly gain weight! It was a miracle to watch as his personality and body blossomed from the absorbable formula!!!

Micah has been home five weeks as has continued to grow, and is quickly gaining in percentage on US growth charts!! We are so blessed by our son and our experience with AWAA, but we are continually burdened for the babies in Ethiopia who’s future is much more grim. Without the proper nutrients, it will be impossible for their little, fighting bodies to gain weight and stave-off infection!!!

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