2nd Ethiopia Adoption

We're almost on the paper-chase again!

We've been accepted back into AWAA's Ethiopia program, but we must also be re-approved to adopt concurrently. Translation: we need a letter from our social worker, stating she sees no problem with us pursuing an adoption from Ethiopia while remaining on China's waiting list. We had to provide this recommendation when we started our journey to Micah as well...so no biggie.

We can't submit our dossier to Ethiopia until Micah has been home one year (3.28.10), but that will be here before we know it.

As I am prepping myself for the mental anguish (ha ha) of the paper-chase and wait for our referral, I've been reflecting on some of the difficulties of international adoption...at least, for me. Check back over the next several weeks, and I will share them with you.


Erin McCoy said...

so excited for you guys!

mrs. r said...


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