what's new with Micah

  • he has 6 teeth

  • he took his first step this week

  • he can scale the entire house by holding onto walls & furniture

  • he can say quite a few words: mama, dada, apple, duck, baby, football, bye-bye, bo(ok), bir(d) are just a few of his favorites

  • he can make animal sounds for about 10 different animals

  • he can point to his ears, nose, hair, piggies (toes), belly-button

  • he sleeps through the night (7:30pm - 6:00am)

  • he loves big-people food...even black olives (yuck!)

  • he loves to blow kisses & he bats his eyes

  • he's very cuddly...always nestling up against my or Vince's neck

  • he loves football...he watches games on tv & cheers like he knows what's going on

  • he loves Praise Baby dvds (whenever we walk near my laptop he screams 'baabyyy')

  • he'll wag his finger at you & tell you 'no-no'

  • he loves to crawl under chairs/furniture

  • he loves to look at the world map on his bedroom wall; 70% of the time he can find Ethiopia


lori said...

That's awesome! I love the developmental updates, and I especially love that he can find Ethiopia!

Brittnie said...

He is A D O R A B L E!!!!!

jill coen said...

Micah is crazy cute! Silas says hi!!

Preston and Courtney said...

Wow!! It sounds like you are all doing well. It sounds like he is adjusting and developing well and it sounds like you and Vince are amazing teachers and parents. I am sure that little guy feels the love that pours out of you two. We sure do love you guys and we are super excited to see this update!!

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