still processing from the week-end

we were educated, encouraged, affirmed:

(just a few high-lights)

educated : if a child born with HIV does not receive treatment, they will not live past their 5th birthday : there are powerful drugs available that can reduce HIV-viral load to 'undetectable' levels

encouraged : James 1:27 is not a command, it's a definition : Jesus visited us in our affliction, now we are freed to visit orphans in theirs : transracial adoption puts feet to "...your Kingdom come...your will be done”

affirmed : not purchasing a home continues to be our solid-decision : you cannot only care about 'healthy' orphans and legitimately say you care about orphans : wondering what we can do without so we can give to those without--God's answer is only one-prayer away : social justice and Gospel proclamation are not at odds with each other

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