health care...DISASTER

OK, so I don't typically use my blog to discuss public policy/politics, of course unless it directly pertains to orphans. However, this issue it too serious...I am unable to keep quite.

Do we need health care reform?

Is socialized health care, national health care, a public-option...or whatever you prefer to call it the best solution?
Not by a long-shot!!

Why, you say?
-It gives gov'mt more control over the free-market. Sadly, our gov'mt is notorious for wasteful spending and inefficiency. I know the gov'mt acts like they had nothing to do with our current recession...better save my thoughts on that for another post. They can't even operate medicare successfully (meaning in-the-black) -- how in the world are they going to run health care for the entire nation. Not to mention, how are they...uh, I mean WE...going to pay for it???

-With a public-option, the long-term effect that you won't see until after 2013 (hmmm, after the next presidential election) is that you will be forced out of your private policy. Why? Either the premiums will become too expensive, or you will be unable to afford the additional tax (applied to your private policy) that you will soon owe the government.

-And, the premiums for the public-option are pretty pricey. You will be taxed an estimated 10-12% per family to paticipate...so if you make $50,000 a year, your premiums could run $850-plus/month. Of course, that's just where it will start. Sky's the limit with big gov'mt. Can you afford that?? Well, you won't have a choice. I think some people think the public-option will be free...uh, noooooooooo!

Be careful!! Everything sounds OK now, but most of the items in the bill aren't scheduled to happened immediately...that's how they can say "of course, you'll get to keep your private insurance".

So what do you need to do??
Contact your senator: click here.
Contact your state rep: click here.

Let them know you support health care reform, but NOT the bill being voted on next week!! Let's not cram a 2000 page bill down congress's throat, giving them only 72 hours to read the final version before voting. This is simply too much, too fast! What's all the rush?? I remember how Congress just had to pass the stimulus package...like right now. But if it was so critical to pass, why has only a fraction of the $$ been distributed?
Yes, let's tackle health care reform! But first stop, tort reform!!

Better yet, accept Michele Bachmann's invitation to the Capitol this Thurs to let Congress know your opinion--face-to-face!! Read more here.

OK. There. I've done my research. I've hopefully caused you to at least consider the topic. By the way, all senators and house reps in AL are opposed to this bill. Kudos, AL!!

Courtesy of Politico.com:
"The House health care bill unveiled Thursday clocks in at 1,990 pages and about 400,000 words. With an estimated 10-year cost of $894 billion, that comes out to about $2.24 million per word."

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Awesome! I agree!

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