I'm it

My blog/adoptive cam padre Rebecca Caldwell tagged me!!!
Here’s how it works:
-You have to tag 5 people (you can't tag the person that tagged you)
-You leave them a comment on their blog (‘you’re tagged’ and ‘why’)
-Direct them to your blog for instructions…when you get tagged, you post ten fun facts about yourself!
So, here are my ten:

1- I LOVE a good cup of coffee…no cream or sugar, please – well, maybe one Splenda

2- I am an Internet/blog junkie…seriously, it’s ridiculous (note: I have an utter disdain for 'forwards')

3- I love to run…I’ve competed in a sprint-triathlon and two half-marathons

4- I am confident that if I were a man, I’d be a Preacher/Pastor…no comments about that one, please

5- I love to read (that God allowed us to conceive of ‘written language’…what a gift--actually, it was His idea & He used 'words' to preserve His own revelation)…spiritual growth and biographies are my favs

6- My biggest fear: living an ordinary life…my second biggest fear: my kids living ordinary lives

7- I have a deep desire to minimize and simplify what I own and use…so that I can give and go as God directs

8- I go to the movie theater, on average, once every 1.5 years…no hang-ups, just not a priority

9- My husband is my best friend in the entire world…we do everything together…truest, purest companionship

10- I unapologetically believe in God’s sovereignty - His plans cannot be frustrated…not even by me!

I’m going to tag Courtney G, Karen T, Lori M, Kelly B and Laura S!


Susan said...

This is a fun distraction today! I enjoyed learning more about you!

I got tagged too. Take care!

~Susan www.schmidtcafe.blogspot.com

kristin said...

After reading this...I think if we lived closer, we would be best friends (except for the running part)!!

Greg & Laura said...

Hi Alisa! Too funny that I got tagged twice! Have a great weekend.

p.s. I can't wait to try the coffee from your fundraiser - I'm ordering some today!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, this was fun! We are gonna try to get up the energy at some point this next week to post - we got tagged twice...now, just too sleepy! Just noticed you guys live really close to us...well, just a few hours away :-)

mrbjbb said...

Alisa-Thanks for sharing! Great stuff! I had fun putting my list together too.

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