Where in the World...

...is our dossier??

Well, after a few stops around the world (yes, I stalked it with my Fed-ex tracking #), our dossier has landed safely in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It now waits to be picked up by our ET rep...it could take a few days to possibly two weeks to be collected. **update: Our dossier was picked up by our ET rep on Monday morning!!!**

It was another small victory for me when I discovered it had arrived in ET on Saturday. I entered into yet another dimension of, "this IS really going to happen." And as my heart soared, I closed my eyes and imagined all the brown hands and brown eyes that would be handling/reviewing our paperwork...G-man, orphanage workers, court officials/judges, transitional home staff... And then all I could do was pray: that God's blessing be upon them, His favor be upon us, and that our precious child be cared for and provided for by God in miraculous ways.

On another note, we participated in a conference call on Friday with our Family Coordinator, Duni, and the 50+ families who are waiting for referrals. It was a very encouraging and empowering two-hours! We hope to do this again on a monthly/bi-monthly basis...it was so reassuring for the families, and, I'm sure it simplifies Duni's job, too. By the way, she is fantastic to work with -- overall, our agency has been a magnificent blessing!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. My husband and I just sent in our application last week for Ethiopia as well. My friend Lori directed me to your blog. We also live in Missouri. May God bless you both in a special way.

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

yay! It is safe in Ethiopia! Praying that the wait goes by fast!

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