Redeeming the Wait

The wait for our China adoption is increasing by 1/2-1 month each month...the wait is currently 27-28 months, and we have been waiting 7. All that said, a group of women who are also waiting in the China program have formed a swap group. Here's how it works: each month someone designates a theme, we are matched with partners, and shopping commences. I've only participated for the past two months, but it has been soooo much fun!!! The Feb theme was winter hats, and the Mar theme is Easter. Are the above swaps we've received so far cute or what!!!!

The swap group has been so therapeutic for me -- until now, I have not made any purchases for our children (other than paint for the baby room). Somewhere along the way, I made up in my mind that I'd wait until we received a referral (especially since we're uncertain about the gender of our child from Ethiopia) before buying clothing & basic supplies.

You see, I have this hang-up with feeling presumptuous...don't misunderstand me, I have 110% faith that God will fulfill our adoptions...but I am a linear thinker, so, everything has an order. Probably not very rational thinking...but it's my warped thinking just the same. Anyway, the swap group has allowed me to indirectly (since I'm actually shopping for someone else) break my own rule. Although, now -- dilemma -- I need to purchase hangers for children's clothing...can I do it??? Stay tuned... ;)


Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

I really admire your strength in waiting! And the group you are in sounds like so much fun. I have found myself having weak moments with the wait, and breaking down and buying something! Even though we know the gender of the baby, we don't know the exact age or size, so that makes it hard to buy clothes...my weakness :)

Oh, and London is about two hours south of Louisville...when are you heading to KY?

The Gillman Family said...


It was really nice getting to meet you at Jamie Jo's house. I can totally feel your thought process of buying things for the little ones. I have a hard time bringing myself to do that as well. Maybe I am afraid I will jinks something :) Hope to see you at the next AWAA group! Kim

Greg & Laura said...

Looks like you guys are getting some cute things! You're too funny w/ the hangers! We'll for sure check out the 963 coffee project...sounds like a great thing! Have a good weekend!

kristin said...



Jen said...

Wow that's a neat way to help each other feel connected to your children, and FUN. I like buying for others adn I am sure it's a nice surprise to check out what you've gotten. So sweet. What a great idea.

I haven't allowed myself to purchase anything. BUT then, all my friends began giving us their used items. Clothing, toys, baby gear like strollers and more. So much so that now I can't even walk in the baby's room becuase we have a beautiful crib complete with an adorable bedding and tons of kid gear set in there thanks to our friend's generosity. Every time I see it my heart races and it's just to much for my mommy heart to bear looking at.

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