What a Good Daddy!

At the beginning of each year Vince likes to ramp-up his work outs with the Body For Life program. Last year he got the Body For Life cook book, but, cooking is not a passion of mine, so the book commenced to collect dust.

But not this year!!!

Vince has decided in order to make the most of the BFL work outs, he needs to incorporate the recipes as well...and this picture says it all!!! Vince- you're hired!
Vince also wants to permanently assume dinner duties. (You go hubby!) He's excited about teaching our little kiddos not only how to cook, but also teaching them that genuine leaders are servant leaders.


CousinKarat said...

he's okay for an ol' Misissippi boy! Cool beans Vince.

lori said...

Woohoo Vince! Is that venison? :)

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