a c t o f GOD

Well, that is what we need…an act of God.

In a little less than 7 days we will know the outcome of our 2/2 court appointment. We are not discouraged about facing court, but we have come to understand how extremely subjective an international adoption can be. We’ve prayed/solicited prayer for the complications that are foreseeable, but because of the unforeseeable problems, we now realize that what we really need is an act of God. I know we are to pray specifically, but I can’t even predict a fraction of the specifics; so now I am simply praying for God’s favor…for a miracle.

Whether we pass court the first time or not, I now know that the completion of our adoption (or, of any adoption) will be a miracle. And let me clarify: for me, the word miracle does not suggest that something is impossible. I am not hopeless…with God, all things are possible. Man can do a few things, but God can do all things. And our adoption just happens to be in the realm of God’s ‘all things’.

It seems we need several acts of God at this point in our life. We also have a house to sell…in the dead of winter…in a terrible real estate market. But, with God all things are possible…

We are hopeful, optimistic & resting in God’s purpose. And we are so grateful for all that we have. Our circumstances pale in comparison to many other's…friends who’ve had homes on the market for many, many months…acquaintances who have been waiting for over 2 years to bring their son home from South America.

So we patiently & thankfully wait for what is next...
God is good.
His love endures forever.


Adam Sarah, and Leah Horton said...

Prayers going up for you guys. Hope you pass court the first time and travel shortly. We will be leaving in just a few short days for Ethiopia. We actually leave on the 4th!

Jamie said...

I'm still praying.

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Nicely put into words :) You can count on our prayers for your court appt!

The Gillman Family said...

Hey Alisa,

Saw your comment on our blog. It was ice at first but then last night we got a good batch of snow on top. Light and Fluffy! The fun kind (unless you're trying to get a car uncovered :)

Praying for little Martin's court date!!!

jennyhope said...

praying for y'all!!!

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