Happy New Year!!

We’ve enjoyed our leap into 2009!!
We had dinner with Ryan (from Springfield) & Anna on New Year’s Eve, then hung around the house on New Year’s day & met several of our neighbors (BTW, some gave us a ton of boy clothes…thanks Holley & Geoff)!! Oh – and, of course, watched some football.

Yesterday, we made a trip to a local clinic to get yet ANOTHER physical exam for yet ANOTHER home study update…insane, I know. But it was a great experience! Our physician was so encouraging about our adoption – and, he prayed for us, Little Martin & our new ministry here at HSBC. What a blessing!!

Other than that, I‘ve been like a mad-woman getting ready for our trip to Ethiopia. It really is quite an undertaking…doubled, since I’m a first-time mommy. Bottles, clothes, meds, diapers…donations...plus, all the gear that we’ll need as soon as we land in Birmingham. I must admit, it’s so much fun getting prepared for our little guy (praying every step of the way)!!

Thank all you for your continued prayers:
- Little Martin’s physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health!
- A successful court appointment on 2/2/2009!
- For Vince & I to enjoy each other while we’re still “2”!
- For our diligent spiritual & emotional preparation to be parents!


Kimberly Kulp said...

I am praying, Vince and Alisa! The court process has been the HARDEST yet so be on your guard and pray hard! We LOVE LOVE LOVE little M** #2 and can't wait to love all over him (and I mean ALL OVER him!!!)


mrbjbb said...

YES! Enjoy your remaining days as a couple. I think Brad and I went to Eureka Springs on at least 2 overnight trips in the few weekends before we left for Vietnam. I'm so glad we did!! We ate out a lot, we saw lots of movies...whatever you guys love to do, do it now!! How exciting to think of the change that is coming. I also remember packing, thinking I had everything ready and then the night before we left, realizing we needed to buy a carseat so we could safely transport Zeke from the airport to our home!! Anyway, have fun and savor this exciting time!! We're praying for all 3 of you!

Kary said...

We hope everything goes well for all of you and you have a safe trip. We enjoy reading your blog!
Monty & Kary Allen

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