Not much news to share -- we're still waiting for our home study addendum (reflecting relocation/job change), and we've begun working with a travel agent on some flight options. As it stands, we hope to arrive in Ethiopia Saturday morning and arrive back in Birmingham Saturday evening (the 28th)......of course, assuming/hoping/praying all goes well with court and outstanding paper work.

Currently there are four other families in our travel group. Over the past several months, we've gotten to know them through email and blogs...we've all been faithful followers of one another's journey. And Lord willing, if we all travel together, three of us will be first-time parents. Uh-oh! :) Heh heh!!

As we wait to be united with our son, different families who've traveled to ET have been able to snap some photos of our little guy -- and, we cherish each of them!!! But about two weeks ago, as I was looking through the most recent pics from a family, I received an extra-special blessing!! As you can only imagine, it's been quite an experience, bonding with two-dimensional glossy 4x7s. In most pics, our little guy is wide-eyed and serene. We've poured over every photo, looking for just a nugget of his personality. Well, so what was my special surprise?
I think I gasped out loud when I saw it!! Actually, I know I did! I was so caught off guard...he's getting so big!! And he's SMILING!!

Vince wasn't home when I first saw the photos, so when I showed him I, of course, saved the 'smile' for last. Yup- his response was exactly the same as mine! Oh, it was so much fun for me to watch him enjoy the moment as much as I had!

Prayerfully, on 2/2 we'll get to let you in on all the fun!!

Please continue to pray for Little Martin's health, our court date, paper work, travel....


CousinKarat said...

oh thanks for sharing about seeing his little smile, what precious news :)

Jamie Jo said...

I am SO excited for y'all!!! We miss you!

Kimberly Kulp said...

He's just to sweet, Alisa! I adore his little face! What a smile he has too. I can't wait to make him smile for you on VIDEO!!!


Sara said...

Oh how exciting! I love when babies smile. We're praying and we love you guys!
Sara Baker

Danielle said...

I've gasped out loud looking at pictures,too--when an extra special one catches you by surprise. I wonder how many hours I've logged just pouring over pictures :) That's so exciting that three of us are first timers, and the other two are first timers at parenting baby girls :) As the court day gets closer I get more and more excited...and more and more scared. May God give us grace, no matter the outcome.

Love, Danielle

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