THANKYOU to my Barnes & Noble angel

3 days until court...

This morning I met a friend (fellow-minister's wife) for coffee at Barnes & Noble. As I was waiting for her to arrive I perused the New Release section. While I was looking, a woman walked up beside me and picked up a book that I had just returned to the shelf -- she then asked me if I had read any good books lately. I hesitated, but shared with her that my husband and I are adopting and that our recent reading regimen consisted of mostly adoption materials.

She lit up and told me about her 4-year old, and that she and her husband were also considering adoption (because she knew so many children need mommy & daddies). Our conversation was very brief, but before she wandered off, she told me that she would remember me on Sunday. I must admit, my heart skipped a beat. Sunday, of course, is the day before our court date. I had not shared with her about court, or any details about our adoption for that matter. I quickly tucked the encounter into my heart as a sweet-something from God.

A few moments later, my friend arrived and we found a corner table -- I didn't tell her about the mysterious woman who promised to remember me on Sunday. But not long after we were engrossed in conversation, this same woman approached our table holding a B&N bag containing a book. She then told me about a ministry at their church that gives books to new moms for their children -- and she wanted to give me a book because I am going to be a 'new mom'. And that's what it was - a children's book - Love You Forever. I'm sure most of you with boys have this book -- it's an account of the love between a mother and her son. OK, I did not even mention to her that we are adopting a son!

Of course I teared up, but was still unable to have a meaningful conversation with her because all I could think was, is this really happening? I graciously thanked her and shared with her that we are adopting a boy, and that I had seen the book before and loved it!!

I know to many of you this might seem 'coincidental', but not me!! I believe God moved that woman to say & do what she did because He loves me...and because He loves our son.

Therefore I tell you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven––for she loved much. But he who is forgiven little, loves little.” ... And he said to the woman, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace."
--from the Gospel of Luke

I am at peace.


Sherry said...

Alisa - I LOVE this story. I love that God is SO faithful to encourage us in the most unexpected ways. This was definitely a "God-incidence", not a co-incidence. Know that we are praying EARNESTLY for your court date on Monday. We cannot wait for that day when you will hold your baby boy! Blessings - Sherry Semlow

Lindsey and Lee said...

what a GOD story! how cool!

Becky said...

Love the Godwinks in our lives. We are praying!

Rob & Candy said...

what a sweet blessing!

Christa Bertram said...

This blog entry of yours was the same gift from God to me, as the lady in the book store was a gift from God to you. As I read down the blog, with tears in my eyes, I felt in my heart what you must have been feeling. Then.....I got to the bottom and read Luke 8:48....my favorite Bible passage of all time, and knew this post was made by God for me to read. The book of Luke, and this specific passage, is why we are nameing our son Lucas. Thank you, and praise God!

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