MONDAY night - tradition & culture

After a very emotional day, Robel (our AMAZING travel coordinator), took us for a traditional Ethiopian meal.
Because the meal is eaten with our hands, the wait staff provided hand cleanser and water before and after dinner was served.

Dinner was served on a table called a mesab. The various Ethiopian dishes were ladled onto a thin bread, called injera. The injera was pinched-off and used to pick up the different meat & veggies. It was actually very good!!

Also included with the dinner experience was traditional dance. Three couples performed various dances that represented the different regions of Ethiopia. They were fantastic -- really gave us a feel for our son's culture.


Kari:) said...

AWwww the memories. Its sooo good to see dear Robel!! What a blessing to AW families!!
Love ALL your photos...keep them coming:)

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Great memories! So happy it was a good experience for you guys! :)
Can't wait to see more.

Jaime said...

glad you liked it...it will be our first ET food...Woohoo! Thanks so much for our pix and sharing your experience with us!

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