First trip to the Library!

We sang & danced with Farmer Jason at the Hoover Library this morning...Micah LOVED it! He wiggled & squealed the whole time! I wasn't sure how he'd respond, but he was totally engaged!


Sara Baker said...

Alisa, I have to say that I love those chubby cheeks! He is filling out so well and looks so happy! You guys are doing a great job! -- Sara

CousinKarat said...

Ahhhhh. Its too bad the university libraries don't do that stuff. I imagine that'd be pretty entertianing. Already taking your kiddo to the library. You are such a good momma. (Hey look. I remembered my password.)

mrbjbb said...

I have to tell you this...Zeke has that same green "kickball" shirt from Target! Too funny!! Glad to hear Micah enjoyed hte library!!

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