one of my favorite things

Well, most everything is a favorite when it comes to Micah...not because he's a perfect little person, but because his life is God's perfect plan. Even the difficult things are God's provision.

Something I've noticed lately that continues to melt my heart over and over...something that confirms, yes, we will do this again...is how Micah is blossoming as a son...having a mommy. Not having just a care-giver, but his very own mother -- to which he is her very own son. He's been home two and a half months, and most days he's just trying to figure it all out...yet his pondering is paying off.

He knows. I am his...

He has put the pieces together...

I am here in the morning-
I am here in the evening-
I am here at lunch time-
I am here at bath time-
I am with him at the store-
I am with him at church-

When I go, he goes...when I stay, he stays...

He has the freedom to be held whenever he wants, for as long he wants. I often catch him peeking over his shoulder when playing on the floor...he's looking for me. Not that he's afraid I've left, but because he knows I am his...my smiles, my laughs, my silly songs, my kisses...

Yes, I know this will not always be the case...I will eventually have to leave him in child-care at church...enroll him in school...re-invest in my adult friendships...get away with my hubby...

And, when we do adopt again, it will look different for our next child -- not for better or worse, but for more. Our next child will not only have his/her own mommy and daddy, but also their very own big brother.

Glory to God for the great things He has done!


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Anonymous said...

I love your stories and can totally see you having fun w/ your son. It's it great to watch them grow.

tschmitt2002 said...

My favorite blog on the web. Thank you for sharing Martins!

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