Geography 101

OK, so this is too funny not to share...

We had to visit the Social Security office this morning to apply for Micah's social security card. I thought this would be the hardest part of the process: explaining that Ethiopia uses the Julian calender; therefore, ignore the 2001 dates - and use the dates that match our calender year, but pay attention that they're transposed (day/month/year).

However, as the person behind the counter was processing our application, she asked about Micah's ethnicity...mind you, she had Micah's Ethiopian birth certificate in hand...

She wanted to know if Micah is Asian?? What??
Of course, Vince and I responded with a resounding, NO!

So then she asked if he is Hispanic?? Are you serious??
NO!! He's from AFRICA!

Not only did the staff not know where Ethiopia is located, I'm sure they also fall into the company of many who do not know that Africa is a continent, not a country.

Vince & I giggled the whole way home...


Jaime said...

wow. funny.

Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

I'd be shockd but I'm not... lol ... when Micah Richardson came home with Shilgella we had to register with the health dept. They called and asked where he was from - "ethiopia" I say, - "so is he hispanic" the fellow asks? And mind you, this is a gentleman with an MPH (master's in public helath!)

Christa Bertram said...

We had the same thing happen over the phone. I can't remember the agency, but it had something to do with the adoption and I too thought it was very funny.
"Where was your son born?"
"What country?"
"Ethiopia is the country."
Right, where is it?"
"In Africa."
"Oh, he's from Africa." (As if Africa was the country.)
Too funny!

Ruthie said...

That's wild! Reminds me of the time the rude lady at the mall pointed to Zeke and asked Brad if "his mommy is Mexican." What?!?! Number 1, so what if she is? Number 2, he doesn't LOOK hispanic. Oh well.

Rob & Candy said...

you made me laugh. Henry and I were at the playground recently. Two daycare workers asked me if Henry was from India! haha

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