UGH...just have to laugh!!

...of all the things I've prayed for God to protect Micah from, poison ivy/oak/sumac was NOT on the list.

We took Micah to the lake on Saturday...we didn't take him on the boat, but just hung around outside our friend's lake house. I either held, had him in his jogger, or sat with him on a towel...no big deal, right?? Well, I noticed two bumps on him Saturday night -- I was certain one was from a mosquito, and assumed the other was a bug bite as well.

But, by Sunday afternoon the second bump had turned into a small cluster of blisters. An identical bump appeared on his hand. I wasn't alarmed initially...I've never had a reaction to poison-this-and-that, but Vince is very allergic -- so he recognized the blisters immediately.

I hopped on the internet to do some 'mommy research', and sure enough it's poison-something. I did read that it's very uncommon for infants to react to poison plants...children usually become sensitive by age 2-4, with sensitivity peaking around 12-14 years.

I am certain that Micah did not have direct contact with a poison plant...so, if he's had an allergic reaction as and infant, without direct contact, I'm assuming he's going to be VERY allergic to the stupid stuff??? I had to mummy-wrapped the blister on his hand, since loves to rub his eyes when he's sleepy...

Sooooo disappointing for our little lass...playing in the woods is such part of boyhood initiation. Not to mention hunting with daddy. Ugh!!

Vince spoke with a friend last night (M.D. and father to an Ethiopian son) about the bumps -- he said we should use a small amount of hydro-cortisone on the bumps and cover with them band-aides. However, he did warn us that that hydro-cortisone cream could lighten Micah's skin where applied (it often has that affect on people with darker pigmented skin)...good to know...but, one more head-ache!!

On a positive note, Micah doesn't act like the bumps are itchy -- I think the band-aides are more of a nuisance than the blisters.


The Richards said...

and we just thought he was sleepy at lunch. poor boy! we enjoyed visiting with you yesterday!

ethiHOPEia said...

Ephrem has the SAME reaction. He has had poison something at least two or three times already! He is highly allergic...

Glad to read that things are going well with you otherwise! :)


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