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So, what's next in our family's adoption journey, now that we're officially pursuing our China adoption?

Let me give you the run-down:

--we're still finishing our home study, but once a completed draft is submitted to AWAA for review, we will then submit our application to pursue the adoption of an infant boy from China's Waiting Children Program (WCP).

--once our home study is completed and approved by AWAA, we will then submit an I-800a application with USCIS (USCIS is the agency that ok's the US Consulate in China to issue a visa to our son)

--how does the WCP work? A list of children in this program is published monthly by China's CCAA. Once it is published, agencies match families with children on this list...although, the process is a little more complex than I just described.

--once we receive, review and accept the referral for our son, we will then submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to China. This essentially is a contract between our family & China to move forward with this child's adoption.

--after our LOI is submitted to the CCAA, we then wait for the CCAA to issues us a Letter of Approval (LOA), or Pre-Approval (PA). This is the initial approval for us to be our son's adoptive family.

--finally, we will wait for our Travel Approval (TA). This is our final approval, which clears us to travel to China to finalize our son's adoption...and bring him HOME!

--apply for Micah's passport somewhere along the way (yes, Lord-willing, he'll be traveling with us to get little brother)!

So how quick will all this happen? It's hard to say exactly, but we feel pretty confident it could all take place before the end of the year (smiles ear-to-ear)!!


CousinKarat said...

Might be more excitement than I can take! Yay for you, and for another very blessed little boy! :)

Jamie Jo said...

I cannot wait to follow this journey as my heart is still wanting to continue pursuing our little China baby who was conceived in my heart in 2005. . .I am praying for Andy's heart to get back to that place, too!

Greg and Laura said...

So excited for you guys!! We'll be praying that your process is smooth and swift! Can't wait to hear you've submitted your LOI!! Keep us posted!

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