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One day til Micah's 1st Gotcha Day anniversary!

I am caught off-guard by the emotion whelming up inside as I think about our trip to Ethiopia to pick-up Micah. One year ago yesterday, we woke up in the city of Addis Ababa. I was actually awakened by the ever-strong smell of burning coal. Most people in the capital city cook with coal (and burn incense as well). And not to mention the noise from traffic, people moving about on the streets, and dogs barking and prowling. We were 24-hours away from meeting Micah Yoseph.

I spoke with a sweet friend Friday who has been home with her sweet Anna from China for about 2 months. We discussed that how even after 2 months home, she and her husband have yet to mentally process their trip and time in China. They still look at each other, amazed, and ask “what just happened?” – Vince and I relate to that in every aspect! I think I can safely say that, I as well, have yet to process our trip to Ethiopia…but, maybe I am ready.

The emotion I’m feeling is partly from the sweet memories of holding our son for the first time – but, I think it more-strongly flows from remembering God’s faithfulness throughout our first adoption journey. He moved some serious mountains. And not only in our adoption process, but He moved mountains in our hearts as well! He brought low the mountains of self-sufficiency and distrust.

I look forward to revisiting our trip to Ethiopia here on our blog this week. I hope you'll follow along -- and I especially hope you'll check back toward the end of the week. We have some exciting updates with our second adoption, and I'm looking forward to sharing the details very soon!

Landing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia--our son's birth country!

Here's our room at Yebsabi Guest House , complete with a...CRIB! Oh boy, did reality start sinking in! Are you feeling the giddiness?

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Karen True said...

What good memories and a good God. We are celebrating with you and want so much to meet Micah in person!

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