Our last photo, as just the Martin-2!
Meeting Micah Yoseph!!
This moment was...surreal. Still not sure how to put it into words!!
Wow!! Looking at the '09 & today's pics remind me what a blurr this past year has been!! Where have the days gone?? Our sweet baby is a...little boy!!
(Thanks, Stephanie Allums, for taking this awesome pic on a moments-notice!!)

We had a fun day! Low-key. The high-light was taking Micah to Jason's Deli (he loves the free ice cream). I ordered him a PB&J--one of his favorites. We prayed, and started to eat when the crocodile tears began to flow. I had no idea what could be wrong!! Thought maybe he bit his tongue; but, the tears kept coming. So then we ran for the ice cream. Still...tears. In a last ditch effort before tossing our food in to-go boxes, I gave Micah an artichoke off my pizza. Smiles. Are you kidding me?? Yuck! I was actually going to pick them off. Poor Micah...all he wanted was our pizza---I guess his feelings were hurt because he got stuck with PB&J. Poor fella! But, that's our Micah!! Never a dull moment!!

On another note, we received a piece of mail that's been floating around the postal system since our move. The letter was from the Child Survival Program in Ethiopia (CSP) that we support through Compassion International. It included a message from a disabled mother (a Believer) in Wolisso, Ethiopia who is receiving assistance from CI's program and thanked us for helping to keep her family together. What a sweet, sweet day to get to read her words of thankfulness! We know it's was God's perfect plan for Micah to be permanently grafted into our family, but we have a deep desire to help at-risk families! The note included a pic of this mother with her daughter...priceless...Kept Ya Day!


CousinKarat said...

Huge Smile.

lori said...

Yea! Happy Gotchaversary! Your little man is getting so BIG!

The Summers said...

what a sweet post and a sweet time. thanks for sharing..I love the 'kept ya day' thats really what tugs at my heart!

Ruthie said...

Happy, happy day!! Isn't it amazing how fast time goes once your sweet child is home?!?! Praise God for the miracle of adoption!

Greg and Laura said...

Such a beautiful family! Congrats on your special day! Miss you guys!

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