where, oh where, are the martins? in the bathroom??

Well, life continues to be chaotic. And I hate that. Personal chaos conflicts with personal holiness. It's suppose to be crazy out there, but not in here...our lives, and our home. Guess it's mostly my fault. Lack of discipline. Lack of organization. Micah will have been home 1-year on 3.28.2010, but I still haven't found my groove (and throw a move into the mix--not good), and I'm afraid when I do find it, it will be time for Micah's brother/sister to come home. Craziness, but I love it. And am thankful for it!

We are enjoying our new home (still renting), but out favorite part is that we're only 2 miles from our church/Vince's office. And Micah hasn't skipped a beat with the move either--I wondered if he might get a little anxious about a new, permanent environment--but he's done great!

And speaking of Micah, (now 19-months) he is showing interest in the potty. I totally was not prepared for potty-training this early. I was thinking maybe by 2 he'd be ready--but I think he's ready now. Yikes! Suggestions, PLEASE!! A friend told me tonight that if I don't capitalize on his interest, it might bite me later. I certainly don't want to buy pull-ups until he's 4!!


Sara Baker said...

Hi Alisa! I'd suggest letting him explore it, but not force the issue. My Micah didn't show much interest and I tried to encourage it way too much, now he's 3 1/2 and we are still in pull-ups. I pushed too hard and now have a child that has no interest in the potty whatsoever. Hope you guys are well! I enjoy catching up on your blog!

Michelle Wilson said...

We have a potty treat box that worked wonders with our J. Of course, a little positive peer pressure has gone a long way with her,too!

Stephanie said...

let me know if you need help getting settled. i can watch micah or help you unpack and organize.

good luck with the potty!

lori said...

At the risk of being gross, someone suggested to us that little boys learn quickly if allowed to go #1 outside as the need arises. :) Do you think Micah dislikes the feeling of being wet? You might (once he's truly interested and has had a few potty successes that you've helped engineer) have him wear just cotton training pants around the house and be willing to clean up a few messes (shaving cream in small amounts works wonders on carpet). Many kids will work to avoid wetting their pants if they're wearing real ones and not pullups that wick the moisture away. Just some ideas!

Brittnie said...

Jadon was interested that early too and I let him lead (I never forced it) and by two we were in big boy undies.

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