Major CHANGES to Ethiopia's Intercountry Adoption Program

We received news yesterday that Ethiopia's Federal Court is now requesting that adoptive parents be present (IN Ethiopia) at the first court hearing for the adoption of their Ethiopia-born child/ren. Previously, the agency had the family's POA, and was present on our behalf for the hearing -- this just made sense since only 50% of adoption cases are granted on the first hearing.

This now makes Ethiopia a 2-trip program. Both parents must travel to Ethiopia to meet their child/ren and to testify regarding their desire to adopt this child/ren. Even if the hearing results in a finalized adoption, the process is far from over--meaning the parents must return to the US, and then make a second trip to Ethiopia 2-3 months later to bring their child home. This 2-3 month delay involves Ethiopia's adoption decree and new birth certificate processing-time, as well as the US Consulate's own investigation into the legitimacy of the adoption (prior to issuing a visa).

So what does this mean?

An extra trip to Ethiopia = $4-7000 in additional expenses.
Plus, meeting your child, but not being able to bring him/her home for several months.
However, because a family meets their child/ren prior to the adoption, it will no longer be necessary to re-adopt the child/ren for US citizenship (good thing!!).

We have a conference call with our agency this afternoon to discuss these changes in detail -- I'll share that info tonight.


3 Blessings said...

We received our shirt yesterday. Thank you. I love it! I also love that your story is printed on the inside. It will remind me to pray for you each time I wear it.

jamullins said...

Praying for you!

brittany said...

Hey, we heard this at church last night! Will be praying for you and others going through the process.

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