he did WHAT today?

Micah started weekday preschool today (although, I don't like to call it preschool...he's 2, for crying-out-loud). Even though he'll only attend 2x per week, I was still not looking forward to today. But...it was fine -- he had fun...he likes his teacher and made several new friends.
The most difficult transition for Micah will be nap-time. Until today, he was an early napper -- he was so tired on the way home that he just screamed and screamed. No crying, just screaming. Almost like a night-terror. Poor fella!


Stephanie said...

oh.my.word! precious! i just love that kid!

Wildflowers said...

aww! what sweet photos ! love how he has his teddy bear :)

jennyhope said...

What a treasure. You know how much I love that boy anyway!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Hello from WAGI -
I'm trying to collect some photos that capture the spirit of adoption for an upcoming post on www.wearegraftedin.com. Do you have any that capture it for you? If you do, please email it/them to me. Thank you!

Adrianna said...

What a treasure you have in Micah, you are bountifully blessed!

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