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We need your help with our bring Judah home garage sale!!
Sat, Oct 2nd!!!
(BTW- Oct. 2, 2010 is Judah's 1st birthday!!)

And can I just say, first, that I detest garage sales! I'm not good at them -- I have friends who make $$$$ from theirs, but I usually walk away with maybe $$. I just don't have the knack.

That said, I am sensing a renewed enthusiasm for this particular garage sale...for obviously reasons! :)

Anyway, we seriously need your help! Because we've moved three times in the last two years, we are running majorly low on stuff to sell -- SO WE NEED YOUR JUNK!! Many of you have already committed to donate items, and thank you! But we need even more people to donate! It's going to take a lot of stuff to reach our goal for this sale!!

We're hoping to raise $2500-3000 from this sale. (Don't laugh! I'm serious!)

That's the amount needed for Micah to travel with us to China to get his brother!! This will be our miracle garage sale! Who knows...maybe someone who's reading this post will want to sponsor Micah's trip to get Judah (I believe God is that big...He did some amazing things to bring Micah home!!). Then we could use the proceeds from our sale toward other remaining adoption expenses! Just throwing the idea out there...

I'm also hoping to have a sweets-sale at our garage sale! So...if you don't have items to donate, maybe you'd like to make cookies/sweets!! We're open to any other fund-raising strategies that worked for you as well! The sooner we can get your items, the better, so I can start organizing. You can drop them by our house - or we are more than happy to come get them!!

If you have items or sweets that you can contribute, email me at alisafmartin@yahoo.com

Thank you!!!


Alison said...

Wish we were there so we could help! Hope that is goes great! We are planning on having a garage sale for our adoption too this fall! Can't wait to hear about it! Love that it will be on Judah's birthday too!

jennyhope said...

OK I AM IN!!! I will start contacting everyone I know to get their stuff to me to get to you.
email me or facebook.
email is jennyhopewilliams@gmail.com
I will even help you with the pricing and etc if you want me to.

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