weekend in pics

Let's just call this a lazy post...

I was going through Micah's baby clothes, picking out what will be size/season appropriate for Judah, when I found this 6 mo-onesie with Mickey Mouse...well...Micah just absolutely had to wear it. Can you believe I actually got it over his head!!

Judah's care package...which is probably still in-transit to China. It included a rattle, snuggly, photo album, disposable camera (that will hopefully be returned to us with pics of Judah, taken by the nannies), a letter to Judah, and some sweets for the nannies & Ann at Red Thread.

AWAA's Africa Reunion was this weekend in Nashville! We had a great time connecting with familiar & new families! I'd post more pics, but my camera is junk...and, so are the pics. Boo!! The highlight of the weekend was discovering that...WE'RE NORMAL!! Meaning Micah's stubborn, persistent, bossy, presumptuous, sometimes mean, personality is not a result of my bad-parenting. 98% of the ET adoptive families have our same struggles! The reality is, our Ethiopian children are survivors...they're fighters (not meaning violent, but strong-willed)...it's just in their DNA! And I thank God for that! May he use Micah's determination to His glory!

The AWAA reunion families went to church on Sat night -- Micah & I sat outside during worship because he wasn't too cool with going to an unknown nursery. As we were walking around, I saw this stone. Micah immediately walked over, place his hand on it, and began praying aloud. I know he was praying because he said amen several times. Not sure what he was praying for...maybe thanking God, because inscribed on the stone was this:
In our brokenness
The good hand of our God is
Rebuilding, Redeeming, Restoring
Very appropriate for our family.

Just me & my boy!


DeDeandMatt said...

The fighters comment totally made me cry. It's so profound when I thought deeper... Wow God is so good

-Wildflowers, 4cats and HomeTarts- said...

wonderful photos !
love the reunion pic.

thanks for sharing !

Rachel said...

Your comment about being normal--that all the kids are tough, bossy, etc..--it was like balm to my spirit this morning. Jane is the hardest kid I've ever been around & I've been questioning so much (how to discipline, am I a terrible parent?, do we really want to do this again? etc..) Anyways, it was so good to hear that all the ET kiddos are like this & I'm not crazy! Ha! Thanks for sharing that--needed that this morning after listening to Jane throw an enormous fit for the last hour :)

Jen B. said...

I love that boy!!!!

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