i'll stop the world...

...and yard sale.
Oh my goodness!  We have SO MUCH stuff for our yard sale!!  Amazing!  We are so thankful for the 23 families who've helped make this happen!  And more stuff is coming tomorrow & Thurs!  I'm actually pretty excited about the weekend!  I know it'll be exhausting, but I'll get to hang with some special friends, and hopefully get to share with some strangers the answer to, "So why adoption?"

I've designed a blog dedicated to our yard sale, and hope to add more pics tomorrow.  Here's the link if you'd like to check it out:

Next week I'll be sharing about our silent auction fund raiser!  Two amazing adoptive families have given us 2 very special items to auction!  Stay tuned!!


Danyel said...
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Danyel said...

Hi Alisa -

Great idea for a fundraiser. We would definitely come if we lived closer. Anyhow, I think the link may be wrong here. I think you may have meant http://www.hooveryardsale.blogspot.com/

Best wishes!


alisa said...

Ahhhh! Thanks, Danyel! You were right -- I corrected the link!! :)

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