junk = joy UPDATE!!

Can I just say, WOW!!

We've have been so pleasantly surprised & touched by the number of families who've offered to donate items for our yard sale!! Piles of stuff (really nice stuff, I might add) has already been delivered to our home, with much more on it's way!

Thank you, dear friends!!
Keep it coming!!

I originally intended to do a Saturday sale only, but I am now contemplating a Fri/Sat sale. Those of you with yard sale experience in B'ham...give me some advice!!

Also, if you'd like to bake cookies/brownies/muffins for the sale let me know!! We'll celebrate Judah's birthday with all of Hoover! :)


Alison said...

I just have MS garage sale experience, but we have always had people come by on Friday afternoon/night. Some people work on Saturdays, and some just like to be first to see everything! :)

Heather said...

definitely a two day sale. i can't wait. i'm so coming shopping. and helping. and hanging out. and i must just spend the night that friday night as to not miss any of the fun. i can't wait. yeah for bringing judah home!!!!!

Julie said...

Not sure how things are in your town, but in Springfield I've always sold more on Friday than on Saturday.

Lisa Wood said...

I've always heard wonderful things about Fri morning yard sales. I think it's a great idea. More exposure and more sold! I know Fridays are very popular around the hoover area (I LOVE to yard sale shop!) so I think it's a great idea to do both days!

Make sure you advertise (B'ham News & Craig's list is now a huge place to advertise for yardsales. That's where we find all of ours!!)

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