we're home!

Well...at least in-body...our minds are still somewhere in la-la land! Exhausted does not even begin to describe our family! And thanks to our friend jet-lag, Judah was up at 1:30 am...and he stayed up all night! Fun! Our precious SIL, Kim, took over at 4:30 am so we could sneak a few hours of sleep.
I took Micah to the DR this morning--double-ear infxn, and serious junk in his lungs. Judah goes to the Int'l DR on Mon & Ped on Wed--he has Micah's same cough, and now a low-grade fever! Plus, another tooth broke the skin today...poor thing is so miserable!

Thanks for your prayers!! We're hanging in there!

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Alison said...

So glad ya'll are home!! Will be praying for well kids and lots of rest!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry the boys are sick. i didn't want to bother you the first 24 hours home but i've been thinking about y'all ALL day! please let me help. i'll get meds/grab groceries/rock babies...i'm just a text away. either way i'll call in the next day or so to check in. miss you guys.


Apryl said...

Glad you are home--hope the boys are feeling better soon!! The exhaustion...oh, the exhaustion. At least you know it'll get better :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. These first two weeks at home are rough. It literally takes almost two weeks to recover from jet lag. Praying for you all.

Danny & Emily

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