We're headed to Guangzhou to finish up our trip -- a much warmer climate.  Our time in Lanzhou has been great, but it's been very cold -- which has meant too much time in our hotel room!  We're trying to keep both the boys healthy.  Micah is a little stir-crazy -- us too!  But, we're all hanging in there!
We're also the only adoptive family in this province from AWAA.  We had a free day yesterday to walk the streets.  Let me just say, we are VERY conspicuous -- lot's of stares!  The people are friendly enough, but we do feel a bit out of place. We haven't seen any Westerners -- maybe they're more visitors here during the summer months.  Although, we did meet an adoptive family from Holland.  We're ready to see our American friends & do some shopping!

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Greg and Laura said...

So glad you're headed to Guangzhou ... it will feel like home compared to Lanzhou. We were the only Westerners when we were in Kunming with Anna too ... once we found the Starbucks in Guangzhou, it was all good! lol
Constantly thinking and praying for you guys, enjoy your last week in China!!
Greg,Laura,& Anna

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