over-due update!

We made it G'zhou late Fri night, then had Judah's medical exam on Saturday.  Sunday morning we did a little shopping, and then had really hoped to hang-out with some friends from Hunter Street who live in G'zhou...but, those plans got canceled.  Micah had a low-grade fever and nasty cough on Sat night, and then on Sun afternoon the fever came back and the cough got worse.  By Sun evening Micah's temp was 102.  We've talked with two Drs in the US, and both seem to think it's a viral infection -- so not much we can do, other than lay-low in our room & keep his fever down.  We do have some Bactrim for him, but both Drs have advised holding-off on using that.  And I concur, Bactrim is nasty stuff!  I've had terrible side-effects from it! Yuck!
Meanwhile, Judah has started coughing and is refusing to eat.  He doesn't really have fever, but he does have a mouthful of teeth coming in.  Good grief!
Judah seems to be content with us.  He was obviously very spoiled by the nannies at his orphanage!  He wants to be held all the time -- oh, and not just held, we must be standing too.  He's also becoming a picky eater.  I can't tell you how much formula & baby food I've wasted because he wasn't in the mood for whatever option he was given.  I've got my work cut out for me when we get home!!
This afternoon we have our Consulate appt/oath taking ceremony.  Tomorrow we're supposed to go sight-seeing -- I really hope we can make it!  We're also supposed to see the Bunches tomorrow night, which we're really looking forard to, since we missed them on Sun!!
Sorry I've not posted many pics on the blog -- they've been easier to upload on facebook.

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Stephanie said...

so sorry the boys are not feeling well! that makes for a hard trip i can imagine! praying the rest of the trip is better!!!

i know it is probably ruff on yall having to stand with judah all the time, but I am so thrilled to know he was spoiled by his nannies;)! such a precious boy!!! can't wait to meet him!!

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