Hello, again, from Lanzhou!

The Martin-4 are doing well!  I've been trying to upload photos, but the dsl is too slow.  Thank you all for leaving comments--Vince & I really enjoy reading them!
Judah is doing great!  He has warmed-up to us--especially Vince!  I think he's going to be a daddy's boy!  Micah is doing well with the transition too!  He was so sweet this morning...Judah was crying, and Micah said 'he misses his family'.  What insight for a 2-yr old.  I told Micah that we're Judah's family now, he 'oh yeah'. So sweet!
A little about Judah...he is a porker!  Vince & I just can't get over that!  I brought him size 2 diapers...but his thighs are too big!  Now his length, on the other hand, is only between a 6-9 mos old.  And his gross motor skills are way under-developed--he cannot even sit up.  But I'm sure he'll catch up fast.  He's also still on a bottle -- we've tried some baby food, but he's going to have to learn to eat with his palate-challenges.  We may wait to tackle that at home.
I also cannot believe how long it takes for the 4 of us to get ready in the morning!!  Seriously!  Crazy!  I cannot even imagine going somewhere by myself with just the 2 boys...um, play-dates at the Martin's for the next 8-12 months! :)
Oh, and Chinese people love Micah!  Everyone talks to him--and of course he likes to show-off the Chinese that he's picked up--they love that!  All the girls take pics with him, and even feed him while we're out to dinner!  I'm loving it!!
Thank you for your prayers!  We are blessed and healthy! 


KLT said...

Your update warms the heart! Much grace to you as you continue through the process of bonding.

Wes and Laney said...

My heart is warmed as well! The Martin family of four is truly an inspiration! God is moving in mighty ways and I am so happy to see it happening before my very eyes. You give me hope. Wes and I are praying for this transition. Safe travels!

The LORD bless you
and keep you;
the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you; the LORD turn his face toward you
and give you peace. --Numbers 6:24-26

Kathryn said...

Such joy in my heart for you guys! Can't wait to meet Judah. Praying for you while you are away.

angie said...

So thankful you are finally united! He is so cute and makes the perfect addition to your brood. Continuing to pray for God's grace on your journey.
Love you guys!

lori said...

Daddy's boy, huh? Awesome! We love you guys, and we're so excited for you 4. Don't worry about the logistics of having two... give it some time and your mama brain will shift gears. (With each one, I find myself seriously intimidated by the prospect of getting ready and/or getting out... but once I finally try, I'm pleasantly surprised!) So, is Judah right around Abby's age... late summer '09 birthday? I imagine once he gets mobile w/ his gross motor skills, he'll slim up pretty quickly. Abby sure did! :)

Heather said...

YAHOO!!! We are so excited to read the wonderful knews and that you all finally have got your new boy! :) We are thrilled for all of you!! Brian, Heather, Laney and Daniel

Meredith Edmonds said...

I seriously teared up reading your blog tonight Alisa! I am so happy for you guys. This is such a wonderful, touching, overwhelming time for you all. I cannot wait to meet Judah!!! Thanks for updating us...I love reading about this experience! Prayers are being lifted up for you guys. -Meredith-

Jenny said...

So happy you are finally holding your sweet baby boy! Can't wait to meet him!

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